Unified Creativity

Re-Awakening the Human Soul

Mona’s akashic reading was very illuminating. I’d never had an akashic reading before and didn’t really know what to expect. Mona made me feel relaxed right away in her serene space.  She explained how the reading worked, and I told her I’d brought some questions with me, which she said I’d be able to ask and get answers to. The answers she gave me provided me with insights into current issues, as well as some of my past lives and what the future might hold. Mona mentioned specific things I could develop that would be beneficial for my future growth. It made me happy to note that I’d already begun to develop some of these, which confirmed that I was headed in the right direction and should continue to trust my intuition in the future. I would tell others who’ve never had an akashic reading before to go ahead and try it—you’ll probably learn so much more about yourself than you thought possible. –K.L.


During the reading I experienced such deep listening which helped me to focus on the larger purpose of my life.  Since the reading I feel a sense of relief, a lightening of my spirit, about my present and future.  Mona Williams has a calming, intuitive presence as she listens to both her client and to their records. - D.G.

Bring questions but remain open to the moments of your Akashic experience. This can be a remarkable opportunity to recalibrate the compass of your soul's Life Purpose. I'm now exploring again down paths and opportunities that I'd mistakenly ignored.  Marilyn S.

I have led a very challenging and, at times, painful life this time around. On September 15, 2016, Kelly Williams read my Akashic records. It was mind blowing!  It was right on target! It brought to light, through looking at previous lifetimes and my soul contract, why I have been manifesting pain in my present life as well as many previous incarnations. The information I received from the reading really helped me to understand myself and the way I show up on this planet. Most importantly, it showed me the work I need to do from this point on, one of which is to create a new soul contract and let go of the things that no longer serve me in my highest and best good. I would encourage everyone to have Kelly read your Akashic records!  -Sandra Freeman



The reading I had with Mona was truly amazing! A very powerful, profound teaching came through to me that has given me such peace. Mona was gentle, intuitive, and respectful, which made the process so easy and enjoyable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a deep, meaningful experience as well as guidance for living their everyday lives.   E.D.

Creativity became alive in a subtle yet powerful process that gently teased out images and surprised me.  From what seemed like choosing random pictures, an Intuitive Collage took shape, and I could see a cohesive story coming from my soul.  It was a playful, meditative, and revealing experience. The card I created is one I return to again and again for ongoing reflection.  - R.A.L

I recently had a phone reading with Mona.  It was enlightening as she was able to confirm some things about my path that I suspected were true and to shed light on other issues that I was unclear about, providing some direction and food for thought. Certain patterns I have encountered throughout my life made more sense after discussing my soul's journey with Mona.  I have been giving a lot of thought to particular issues to bring my current situation in line with what my soul wants to bring more harmony in that area of my life.  I highly recommend a reading with Mona to learn more about your highest self and your soul's journey.  -G.S.