Intuitive Collage

Have you been avoiding some creative art projects because you felt you had no talent?  This intuitive collage process helps open your communication between art and your heart.  See how recognizing your heart during the Seasons of Your Life can awaken your intuitive potential.  

Create uniquely personal collaged cards that are created through your inner wisdom.  With the magic of these cards you can see how your life’s purpose and intuition can be enhanced.  Have fun discovering your next steps of the journey.  Experience is not required; just bring your intuitive knowing and quest for creating.   All materials will be provided and all levels of experience are welcome.  

Enjoy the process of getting in touch with your true self by awakening your intuition and creating Art Collage.

During the Workshop we will:

Tune into our soul’s message during the seasons of our lives
Create a personal collage card and share discoveries
Witness the magic of the card’s ability to give insights to knowing your life’s purpose
Have fun discovering the next steps of the journey


Unified Creativity

Re-Awakening the Human Soul