Unified Creativity

Re-Awakening the Human Soul

Mona Williams Ed.D.

From the age of 9, I always wanted to become a teacher.  All I knew about teaching was that teachers worked in schools, so I became certified as an elementary school teacher in New York City and my career began as a second grade teacher in Kansas.

Through my commitment and dedication to help students and teachers, I worked from my heart to all levels of the education continuum - from preschool thru graduate school - always knowing there was more that I could offer,  Now I know it is to help people as they grow older become more conscious by having a joyful life in spite of changing and aging.   

In 2002, I had a spiritual awakening that led to profound changes in my life, including meditation, yoga, and spiritual teachings such as reading Akashic Records,    Soul Collage and Akashic Record Readings. 

Getting in touch with our soul’s purpose became my new curriculum.  My years of teaching and intuition became the life force behind helping others witness their magic and discover their next steps on life’s journey.

By the end of an Intuitive Collage Workshop or an Akashic Records Reading individuals are walking away knowing themselves better and re-awakening their soul.  Both processes are independent of each other and you are the one to choose how you will pursue raising your consciousness.

How Does Teaching Get Any Better Than That?


Kelly Williams

As we explore the matrix of human existence we find many false realities about ourselves.  These realities can leave emptiness in our soul’s connection to the divine.

I personally and professionally have found Akashic Records reading and/or an “Access Bars” session exceptional in understanding the blocks that prevent us from raising our consciousness and learning our true purpose in our lives.  Through the many sessions I have completed, I am continuingly amazed at the compassion, directness, lack of judgment, and helpfulness of the masters of the Askshic Library.

I have been trained, certified and inspired by Ernesto Ortiz in the sacred Akashic Records reading modality.  I am a certified meditation teacher, Oneness Deeksha giver, and certified practitioner of “Access BARS” energy modality.

 I have been inspired by the works and teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, Tom Kenyon, Access Consciousness, and many other Saints and spiritually minded individuals. I have used Astrology most of my life to understand and appreciate all that have blessed my path.

I am here to serve. I welcome the opportunity to open new doors for you.